Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Flying Fish

Some more costume designs for Flying Fish. I wasn't too fond of the fishnet gloves - overkill - but without them the costume was a little boring elementally speaking.

I added a simple line design element at the upper chest between the symbol and upper-arm wing/fin attachment points. This element can also be altered to make the costume a more flirty shoulderless number as seen below.

That last one still felt a little unfinished, however, so I added a line where the zipper was to make that element bolder, and decided the black rectangles should be 'skin windows' (that sounds terrible, but what else would they be called?) in addition I added some to the forearms for more design cohesion. I like this one the most so far - it feels 'retro' to me, like a sixties superheroine, and the white hair and red cowl create a striking contrast.

I like the exposed shoulders here against the orange; they didn't work with the red/white color scheme above. But I am torn between a black cowl and the orange one. The black brings out her face a little more, so I think I like it, but of course the orange all flows together as one cohesive unit.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Flying Fish!

Another BubbaShelby original: Super Heroine of Sea and Sky: The Flying Fish! (first seen in this sketch posted August 2010.)

I modified the costume a bit from my original concept, making it a bit more 'wet suit' than 'tights.' And of course I added...

wait for it...

fish nets, naturally!

I first came up with the top color combo, but decided it appeared too 'Thing 1/Thing 2' so I went with the colors below. Still not fully committed either way. Thoughts?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


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