Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Artist Trading Cards

I recently heard about Artist Trading Cards: You get these little 2.5" x 3.5" cards for all different media (illustration, watercolors, acrylics etc) and you create art. Then you trade. kind of like baseball cards, only not lame.

So I bought some, and I owe a couple to fellow artist Wynn Ryder. Whatever he doesn't claim is up for trade, so if there are any artists out there who want to jump in on the trading fun just drop a message! If you aren't an artist and don't have any cards to trade, I also accept toys ;)

Batman: Pencil and Cool Grey Prismacolor markers.

Woodchuck Chuck: Pencil sketch.

The Flash. Ink and color markers.

Batman: Ink and Cool Grey Prismacolor markers. (Traded.)

Pink Poodle: Pencil sketch.

Doomsday: Pencil and Cool Grey Prismacolor markers.

More to come!


Esbat said...

Toys eh? muahahahaha

Anonymous said...

If anyone's interested in the history of artist trading cards, or wants to know more about how to make artist trading cards, I have written a couple of short articles that may be of interest.

Mosaic Moon said...



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