Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Face The Question CONTEST!

No, this illustration is not incomplete. The Question is a comic book character whose mask makes him appear faceless.

Which brings me to my first ever CONTEST! Draw a face for the Question over this illustration (just right click, save, alter in Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint, print and pencil over it, draw on your monitor and take a Polaroid...whatever!) and send your result, along with your name and address to bubbashelby@gmail.com. Make sure you title your email with "Face The Question" in the subject line.

Sometime in November I will pick my favorite entry and I will send this signed, original Question ATC card to the winner!

Here's a quickie example - and I'm sure you can do better:

So what're you waiting for - enter now!

P.S. I will not collect, save or transfer your contact information or use it in any other way except to send you the unaltered ATC if you win. However, all entries and your name may end up being shown on this site when the winner is chosen. If you would prefer I didn't use your real name, or would prefer a nickname to be used please indicate in your email.

Good luck, and remember, the Halloween Countdown 2008 starts TOMORROW! Tune in every day in October to see a new Halloween illustration!

UPDATE: In addition to the Question card shown above, the winner will also receive two additional ATC illustrations (which I will decide on later - it'll be a surprise!)

That's three original ATC illustrations for the winner! Woot!

Hell, if I'm feeling generous I may even toss something out to the second and third place winners as well. :D


EVOMO said...

who won, who won?!

Bubbashelby said...

The contest is still going on and entries are still being accepted.

Although yours was of such high quality it may be pointless to go on, we'll do so just to give others a sense of fairness ;)


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