Sunday, October 26, 2008

Watch Out for the Boogie Man!

Halloween Countdown 2008 shakes it's moneymaker on day 26!

When I was a kid my parents and other assorted adults would warn me to watch out for the "Boogie Man."

I don't know if this "warning" was meant to scare me or save me. One thing is for sure, it was never followed up with any sort of explanation.

So in my little head, with my limited worldly knowledge and experience, I envisioned the "Boogie Man" to be some hippie dude walking around in a perpetual state of "boogie."

In my mind's eye he came out as a cross between Jesus and Tommy Chong, complete with robe, bandanna, sandals, and long hair and scraggly beard. Shaking his ass.

He didn't really seem all that threatening. You would probably spot him coming a mile away, and you could darn sure outrun a guy shaking his ass while he came after you.


John Rozum said...

Ah, that drawing is priceless! I had a similar confusion concerning the whole boogie dancing/boogie man thing, but never as funny as that depiction of him that you made.

Bubbashelby said...

Thanks John. I tried to represent him as accurately as my imagination created when I was a kid. I think I nailed it.

Mark Harvey said...

Love the BOOGIE MAN! Too funny!

I too am confused to this day...what would boogie shoes look like? Hmmm....

I've been lurking on your blog and enjoying the artwork...had to comment - send some Halloween greetings your way.

Season's Creepings!

Mark Harvey

Bubbashelby said...

Thanks for stopping by Mark, and "season's creepings" to you and yours as well!



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