Monday, December 08, 2008

Face the Question Contest Winner (Finally!)

It seems to have taken me forever (because it did) but I finally selected a winner for my Face The Question Contest!

As you recall (if you have a good memory) I asked my loyal readers to add a face to this Question illustration:

So without further ado...the winner is "Pumquestion" from Eclectorama's Chunky B!

Okay, so it was timely when it was submitted back in October ;)
Great work CB! You win the Question ATC and two additional ATC cards of my choosing! Woot!

Second Place goes to groovy illustrator Brian Gubicza for this funky entry:

Great job Brian! I'll be sending you an ATC of my choosing for your second place win!

Third Place goes to Jersey lover Jay from The Sexy Armpit for this "serious" entry:

Great job Jay! I'll be sending you an ATC of my choosing for your third place win!

And finally I want to give a big "nice try" to my good friend Brian for this...umm..."effort."

Brian, you get NOTHING! Kidding - Great job other Brian! I'll be sending you an ATC of my choosing for your fourth place win!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest (and by "everyone" I mean these guys, because they are the only people who entered the contest!)

Thanks guys. Your cards will be in the mail soon!


Jay Amabile said...

Wow, those first 2 were awesome! Thanks for the parting gift, I wasn't expecting to win anything at all! That reminds me, I never picked a winner for my he-man t-shirt contest...looks like I know what I'll be doing when I get home. Thanks again!

chunky B said...

Sweet! I'm honored, this was a really cool contest and I think all the entries are cool. And glad to see everyone is making out with some swag!

Esbat said...

THe last one... DISTURBING... I really hope thats a mouth. @.@

Jay Amabile said...

I loved this contest! Thanks for the Ghostface art kicks ass!


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