Thursday, April 16, 2009

Punisher Sketchbook Commissions

Josh has gotten his Punisher Sketchbook back, so it's time I posted the images I drew in it.

First I wanted to do something funny. A Punisher pun, if you will. Puny-sher. Get it?!?!? HAHAHAH I am so funny!

A female Punisher for no particular reason at all except that there wasn't yet one in his sketchbook and I like to stand out in the crowd. We'll call her Francine Castle.

And finally as a little bonus, a quick pencil sketch of a Punisher van. Vroom vroom daddy-o!

Don't forget, I am available for commissions, and I also trade art for toys. Hit me up via email at


LEon said...

hey i love your puny-sher! Esp the tag line. woman puny-sher should be nice in person. lol

Bubbashelby said...

Thanks Leon!

Anonymous said...


Bubbashelby said...

Thanks Brian!


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