Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Skeletor

I just realized that I hadn't posted this on my blog yet because I finished it during Girl-oween. But since Skeletor is the current 'theme,' well here ya go.


Kal said...

I like this one. He seems actually pissed off to BE Skeletor which is the way I always saw the character. He is no rich pretty boy and he resents the hell out of He-Man but loves him at the same time which sends him into another grouchy shame spiral. Yeh, that's what I see here.

Anonymous said...

love the exaggerated shapes.

Skeletor is indeed a complex character...just like Cobra

Bubbashelby said...

It's as if you read my mind, Kal ;)

Thanks Brian - hmm, maybe I should draw Cobra Commander someday too.

Sichi said...

Good afternoon. Excellent pictures.
Tell me whether you can use your images in their projects?

Bubbashelby said...

Hi Sichi - I guess that depends on the project. Email me at and let me know what you are suggesting.


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