Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009 LIVES!

This past October, I spent the month drawing unique monsters from my vivid imagination, and the second monster I created was Ducktopus.

Ducktopus was a hit with one of my readers who goes by the moniker Wyrmphreak and writes on her blog Demonals about her awesome stuffed creations. She not only loved my silly drawing of Ducktopus, but with a little nudging even accepted the challenge of MAKING A REAL TOY DUCKTOPUS!

Now I've drawn a great many things in my life, but never has one of them been made into a real toy. So I have been extremely excited as I've followed the progress of this project.

So imagine my utter joy when I opened up the mailbox today to find Ducktopus in the flesh stuffing!

Hahahhaa this is the coolest thing EVAR!

Ducktopus immediately found some familiar faces, who were a little less pleased to see him than he was to see them.

So he hung out with the freaks for a little while. But they were a little too weird for him, and that laughing dog made him nervous.

"I tawt I taw a Ducktopus. I did! I did taw a Ducktopus!"

Finally Ducktopus found some folks who accepted him for who he is on the inside.

It's good to have friends.

I can't thank Wyrmphreak aka Carrie enough for this awesome awesome toy. I seriously believe she could sell a million of them - maybe we need to start a business together! Ducktopus needs his own toyline, clothing, and TV show stat! :)

Halloween Countdown 2009 will live on forever in the form of a little stuffed octopus/duck hybrid.

Thanks again, Carrie. You rock!


wyrmphreak said...

Oh my God, I love it!!! He looks so much better among all of your other plushies and toys. I'm so excited, and I loved your post about him!! Thanks so much for that. : )

It's funny, I almost responded to your comment on my site by saying that it was nice to know that he's with a family who is understanding of his special needs and nature. I didn't because I hated to essentially say that Ducktopus is a freak.....after all I love him. But you basically went there yourself which was such a hoot!

Thanks so much for that post, honestly. I loved seeing him find his place, and I can't tell you how excited I am to know that you have a plush version. Any time you want to start up that Ducktopus line, you let me know!! : )

wyrmphreak said...

After all, you gotta figure there could be little Ducktopi. How cute would they be!!? Each one taking different features from the parents!! It's so fun to think about.

Bill J. Parker said...

I've been using "" as my general server name for several years (the idea being it hosts multiple domains, ergo it needs many arms). As a placeholder, I have a drawing of my ducktopus on my site. Oddly, yours has feet, which mine does not, and mine has a bill, which yours does not! They are clearly on two divergent evolutionary paths. Sadly, mine doesn't have a toy... which is probably for the best 'cause it would likely fall down a lot.

Bubbashelby said...

That's funny Bill - I'm glad to know yours looks different at least! Maybe mine is Earth 2 Ducktopus (geek reference :) )

Bill J. Parker said...

Now that you say that, I can perfectly envision Alan Scott flying in from behind (naturally trying to avoid hitting his head on a stray tree branch) to attack the poor thing...


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