Friday, February 05, 2010

Knight and Squire

In the DC Universe, there are a bunch of superheroes all over the world who were inspired by Batman and Robin. These crime fighters are collectively knows as the Batmen of All Nations.

One such pairing within the group is Britain's Knight and Squire.

I love these two, especially when they are written by Grant Morrison (who I think created this "version" of Knight and Squire - the current Knight being Cyril Sheldrake, last generation's Squire - and the current Squire being a young girl named Beryl Hutchinson.) I especially like Squire's colorful outfit, because gaudy superheroes are tops in my book. They most recently made an appearance in Batman and Robin #7, illustrated by Cameron Stewart, who did an excellent job on them and everyone else in the book for that matter. That issue inspired me today to draw my own Knight and Squire, and I must say they turned out jolly good, old chap.

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