Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rheesh the Arborian

My blogging buddy Reis O'Brien from Geek Orthodox is running a contest to win one of two cool old-school Dungeons and Dragons action figures. The challenge? Make Reis into a Dungeons and Dragons character. Here's my stab at it - Rheesh the Arborian:

Rheesh the Arborian is a Wild Woodsman from the Northland Forests of See-a'tell.

The Arborian Clan are a generally peaceful, but vehemently territorial people. Wild Woodsmen are exceptional warriors, but rarely do they venture from their Clan nests to move beyond the defense to any position that may put them on the offense. Rheesh is the first of his Clan in seven generations to venture into the Wastes of Wa-Ha-shing'aton and beyond seeking adventures and wisdoms his Clan's secluded ways could never give him.

The Wild Woodsmen are known for their music, their art, and their exceptional skills with the bow and arrow. Rheesh has perfected his own Clan taught skills in each category and has enhanced them with greater knowledge gained from his travels.

In the tradition of the Arborian Clan, Rheesh got his name from the sound of the wind in the treetops at the moment he was born. Correctly pronounced, it takes the form of a whisper and is held on the tongue for over thirty seconds, slowly dropping in volume until silence, which is again held for fifteen seconds before conversation resumes. As a warrior he is nearly as silent as his name, but much swifter, moving through the treetop canopies and refuse-strewn city streets with almost supernatural stealth and agility. Usually, if trailed by a Wild Woodsman, the last thing a victim hears is the "thud" of the Woodsman's boots as they hit ground a mere fraction of a second before the victim is gutted and left for dead. With Rheesh, if he wants his prey dead they are rarely given so much advanced warning.


Reis O'Brien said...

This is so many levels of awesomeness! You're definitely high on the list already!

But be warned, I've gotten some doozies so far!

Bubbashelby said...

Translation: "We have a winner!" ;)


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