Saturday, September 18, 2010

From the Files of Isis Champion :: Fashion Sense Tingling

Editor's Note: A couple years ago I created a profile for my character Isis Champion on a new social media startup. The site was a sort of online journal, and the idea was that Ms. Champion was a real "person" who was writing about her life like everyone else on the site.

For this incarnation of Isis, I created the concept of one being 'Heroish' as a sort of cultural/religious way of life. The domino mask therefore was not an item used to disguise one's identity, but a cultural clothing item on par with a yarmulke.

The startup went nowhere, but there are a handful of postings and accompanying illustrations that I have recently been reviewing again and I figured they might be fun to share with my loyal blog readers.

I'll let Isis take it from here.

"I love Yellow, Red and Black. Those are my colors, and I tend to wear them exclusively.

The practice of color scheme exclusivity is cultural, similar to the Scottish Tartan. Within the Heroish community we tend to pick a color or combination of colors early and stick with them our whole lives. Even when dressed "normal" a Heroish person will generally carry their colors into their standard attire.

Sometimes the color choices are passed down from parent to child or from master to sidekick. Sometimes they define your powers and abilities. Sometimes they just look good with your hair or eye color. My choices fall under that last category. Being of fair complexion and hair, I chose bright primary colors contrasted with bold Black. Spiffy!

It also helps with P.R. - "Look, up in the sky, a yellow dot carrying an incapacitated must be Isis Champion!"

"What was that yellow-red blur that just saved my child from falling into the Grand Canyon? It must have been Isis Champion!"

Hey, we all want credit for a job well done ;)"

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