Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Sticking with the "I haven't drawn this character in a while" theme, today I did a quick sketch while I was on the phone of my character Volt.

Volt is the little sister of Axis, and part of the crimefighting trio of Axis, Isis and (naturally,) Volt.

I've always liked how those names sound together.

Volt can turn herself into an electrical current and travel any conductive path; but primarily via telephone. However Volt is also dyslexic, and therefore rarely dials the correct phone number and often finds herself several thousand miles from her intended destination.

I also have not drawn Axis in a long time, so maybe she'll pop up here sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

a dsylexic super hero

you have a terrific sense of humor
when does the comic series/web series

Bubbashelby said...

Thanks Brian. These girls have been with me for a lot of years - maybe it is time they became a comic/web series or something...hmmm.


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