Saturday, October 02, 2010

One Less Undead Girl

Although yesterday's 'Dr. Ms. Frankenstein' inspired the 'Girl-oween' theme this year, it is actually an illustration I originally drew about five or six years ago that I found while perusing old art files.

I started drawing new stuff once the theme clicked in my head. (These have been some very interesting coffee shop sketch sessions indeed.)

The first sketch I came up with once I began creating new art for Countdown to Halloween 2010 is this Teen Zombie.

What turned her into a zombie?

Bieber fever.


Shawn Robare said...

I'll bet she has someone's heart in that little backpack of hers. Literally!

John Rozum said...

I love the bite mark on her arm.

Atom Kid said...

That's quite a hickey!

wyrmphreak said...

I love the shoes!! She has that hunched over look that some of us outcast teenage girls used to have in school, especially with that backpack. She looks pretty upbeat though about being a zombie. Good for her! Maybe she's finally found her clique.

Anonymous said...

it continues!


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