Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ooooh ooooh, Witchy Woman

My mom has always loved Halloween and is the reason I love the holiday so much today. One year when I was maybe four or five Mom dressed as a witch and looked so real that I wouldn't trick or treat with her and my sister that night.

She wasn't particularly 'scary' looking, I think I could have handled the more outlandish 'Witch' type costume with a big fake nose and a wart and blacked out teeth. What concerned me was the realism of her get-up. Subtle make-up and coloring to make her skin look otherworldy and a simple robe, hat and broom. The transformation of my Mom into a witch was wholly convincing to my young mind and scared the hell out of me.

Anyways, that story has nothing to do with today's illustration. Unless there's something Freudian going on here. Now that's scary!


Atom Kid said...

I like the hotrod look! I'd watch NASCAR if she were in it!

Shawn Robare said...

Wow, I had the opposite experience as a kid. My mom did the who crazy green make-up witch deal and it scared me half to death even though I was wearing my best Superman tights that year (which I think I wet with fright.)

Anonymous said...


Witch Hazel; she ain't:)


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