Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009: Monster #10

[Illustration based on eyewitness accounts.]

In the past eight years over one hundred confirmed reports of a strange "Pig Beast" have been collected by authorities in the wooded town of Barre, Vermont. Often spotted by hikers or campers, many respectable and reliable witnesses claim to have caught a glimpse of a pig-like creature, usually during the quiet, dimly lit hours of dawn and dusk. Never reported as a nuisance or threat, the sight of a six-foot pig faced humanoid is still an unsettling shock to those lucky (or unlucky) enough to spot it.

The creature, although terrifying in appearance, is by all accounts shy and docile, and flits away into the woods before witnesses are able to regain their composure enough to pursue it.

Previous amateur expeditions have so far produced no concrete evidence of the Pig Beast's existence, but a new expedition by the famous monster-hunter Dr. Wilhelm Schneider is planned for the spring of 2010.


wyrmphreak said...

He looks like a bouncer or muscle for a pig-beast mafia outfit. Glad he's docile!

Atom Kid said...

This is my favorite one yet!

Bubbashelby said...

Thanks for the comments Wyrmphreak and Atom Kid :)


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