Friday, October 09, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009: Monster #9 (right on time)

Montana is known for it's Rocky Mountain majesty, it's pristine wilderness, it's harsh winters, and it's abundant wildlife. Hunters, explorers and trappers have been braving the woods and mountains for decades in search of Earth's bounty; others seek solitude and a simpler life; while others still search for the legendary "Twin Peak," a two-headed mountain goat rumored to hold dominion over the wilds of western Montana.

Although mountain goats typically have a lifespan of less than twenty years, sightings of Twin Peak have been reported for more than a century. Could there be a whole new species breeding and thriving deep in the wilderness, or is Twin Peak merely the figment of a crazed mountain man's mind?

[Illustration based on multiple eyewitness accounts.]


wyrmphreak said...

I like this one, though two-headed things tend to creep me out. I do like multi-headed things so maybe it's other one head or more than two that I don't have a problem with.

Anyway, I love the red eyes and can't help but wonder if they go back and forth on who grows the big horns! Do they fight each other like you see mountain goats do? That would be kind of difficult.

Bubbashelby said...

I imagine they do get annoyed with each other from time to time lol

Freak Studios said...

I've got a good name for this monster: Two-Baaa


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