Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009: Monster #15

[Illustration of Molluscus Chernoblus based on stolen KGB documents.]

The meltdown of the Soviet nuclear reactor at Chernobyl was a nightmare for people and governments alike; a nuclear meltdown in less-than-forthcoming Soviet Russia did not help the world sleep easy during the Cold War chill of the months and years that followed the devastating event.

Operatives from organizations the world over redoubled their attention on the USSR and information regarding the real effects this event had unleashed.

Documents have recently surfaced insinuating that the flora and fauna in the surrounding areas did not simply perish in the radioactive aftermath, but may have actually mutated into heretofore unheard of species and sub-species.

One such creature described in these documents is a mutant snail, four feet in length, possessing a row of razor sharp teeth that extend under its entire head section. As it moves along the ground this creature secretes an acid that melts flesh on contact and a trail of slime which emits dangerous levels of toxic radiation.

The documents in question are claimed to be forgeries by all Russian and US athorities, but that reaction is to be expected due to the panic and mistrust such a revelation would unfurl upon the world. It is postulated that all mutant flora and fauna have been secreted away from the Chernobyl area and that the governments of the world keep a tight lid on their existence - while at the same time experimenting on them in the name of "science."

God help us all if they ever break free, or if any creatures eluded capture and were able to spawn in the wild over the past two decades.


wyrmphreak said...

What a great idea!! A mutant slug, but not just any mutant that secrets acid and has wickedly sharp teeth. Awesome!

wyrmphreak said...

Sorry!!! I meant snail!! I don't know why I said slug. :(


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