Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009: Monster #12

[Sketch based on eyewitness accounts.]

Rumors of snakes taking on extraordinary attributes are nothing new. Snakes are frightening enough in their own right, and from Africa to America to Australia to India rumors of extra large, extra intelligent, or extra poisonous snake creatures scare even the toughest of men.

The Amazon already boasts a wide range of deadly creatures. Many scientists believe that less than half of the animals that live there have been scientifically documented. The encroachment of man and the elimination of the pristine forest is forcing many otherwise secluded creatures to become known, and not always to man's benefit.

One rumored beast is a cobra snake who has evolved it's hood into wings similar to that of a bat, allowing it not only to glide, but to hover and fly under it's own power. Witnesses tell stories of the creature zooming in out of nowhere and adhering itself to the face of its victims, whose last horrific thoughts follow them into death as the venom quickly takes hold.

1 comment:

wyrmphreak said...

Oh geez!!! This one is absolutely frightening! I don't like him at all. Snakes creep me out on the best of terms, but to have one fly.....and your description at the end.....*shudders* I need a stuffed animal to hug!


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