Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009: Monster #16

[Illustration of Poodlezilla by someone who did not have an Eiffel Tower reference photo with them at the time.]

For a brief time during the 1950s France conducted nuclear bomb tests in the Bay of Biscay. These tests took a tragic turn in 1954 when a giant nuclear charged monster poodle rose from the ocean depths and rampaged the French countryside headed straight for Paris.

The French army tried valiantly to stop the onslaught but proved no challenge for the unstoppable beast. They quickly surrendered and returned to their regular scheduled ennui.

A brilliant scientist by the name of Gaston LaDuBourdeax finally succeeded in driving the giant monster back into the sea. In a brilliant maneuver, Dr. LaDuBordeaux flew his experimental saucer shaped aircraft around the monster like a giant frisbee. The creature soon followed him into the depths from whence he rose. Sadly Dr. LaDuBordeaux did not survive.

Over the subsequent decades, Poodlezilla has returned to stomp France for thirty six sequels, and one American made farce with crappy CGI.


wyrmphreak said...

Oh man!! I LOVE Poodlezilla!! God, that is the best. I just love that drawing....all that pink, those poofs, the mean eyes. A giant, rampaging poodle...who wouldn't love that? Bravo, sir!! I love the way you think. : )

Bubbashelby said...

Thanks Wyrmphreak :)


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